The Unique Blogger Award #2

I have already received this award once before, but a few people have tagged me to do it, and I like answering questions, so I thought I would do it again! Fandomly Bookish, Dawlyn and Krista @Little Blind Book Finds, Sydney @Fire and Rain Books, Brookie @Brookie Cowles and Steph @Lost: Purple Quill recently (okay, not recently) nominated me to receive the Unique Blogger Award.


Before I Let You Go by Kelly Rimmer Review

Before Let You Go is essentially about the strong bond between two sisters who have struggled deeply as children. The readers get snippets of what they endured through Annie's letters every second chapter. But the heart of the story is what is happening in the present, which is from the perspective of Lexie. Annie is addicted to drugs, and is pregnant, which can be damaging to the child's health in their early years. Lexie must decide how far she wants to go to help Annie through this turbulent journey.

February Wrap-Up ✨

Hey everyone! I am kind of late for my February wrap-up this month and I think it is just because I had other posts I wanted to upload. February went by so quickly, which is very normal for February, as it is the shortest month. It was my last month off university before I went back and I honestly cannot even remember what I did! I spent the first two weeks of February reading books fairly quickly, and then it took me two weeks to finish a book. So, reading-wise, I was a bit all over the place.

March Bullet Journal Set-Up

Having a bullet journal can keep track of so many aspects of your life. I thought I would only be using it for the basics, but I have since started tracking my habits, expenses, writing, reading, and studying. Because I like how my March spread turned out, I thought I would make a blog post about it, as it does include my blog's two main interests: reading and writing.

Hearts Like Hers by Melissa Brayden Review

All work and no play has Autumn Primm in the market for a little excitement. Her Venice Beach coffee shop, The Cat’s Pajamas, is her pride and joy. While she doesn’t mind the long hours, she finds herself staring dreamily out the window, imagining the life she’s yet to lead. The time has come to take off the apron and see what the world has in store. 

My Favourite F/F Couples

I love the topic for this week's Top 5 Wednesday and it was really hard to narrow down my favourites. Although, I must admit I am kind of disappointed in books with f/f characters. I haven't read many that I found to be amazing and I also find that they are pretty hard to find, which means I don't get to read them very often.

Call Me By Your Name: Book vs. Film

My latest obsession is Call Me By Your Name. The book was published in 2006 and recently there has been a film based on the book. I watched the film first about two weeks before I read the book. It was definitely one of the best films I have ever seen. Reading the book was a different experience because it differed slightly from the film and it made me think about the characters in new ways. In this post, I will review both the film and the book and determine which comes out on top.

My Favourite M/M Couples

This week's Top 5 Wednesday prompt is "favourite M/M couples". I really liked this prompt because I love all things romance. There are a few very popular YA books with gay characters, but it's not like I always love them as a couple, so it was kind of hard to pick my favourites.