I Did Yoga Every Day For 3 Months

After getting into yoga earlier in the year, I transitioned into practicing yoga every day for 3 months, and the results were incredible.

I started my yoga journey in January of this year. Like many others, I clicked on a Yoga with Adrienne video to begin my practice. I can’t even remember why, but it must have had something to do with wanting to slow down and stay grounded. While I kept up Adriene’s 30-day challenge for a few days, I struggled to maintain a consistent practice, and only completed a short 10- or 20-minute workout once a week. This was no fault of Adriene – her videos are fantastic. They are a great option for beginners, and I would especially recommend one of her 30-day challenges.

Yoga studios

What really got me into yoga and keeping consistent was going to a yoga studio. I have only tried one yoga studio and so far I love it. The location, I’ll admit, is a huge contributing factor, as it’s only a 5-minute drive. I sometimes bike there too, so it’s very convenient. If I had to drive 20 minutes to practice yoga a few times a week, I probably wouldn’t.

Tip: Check out your local studios and start with what’s closest. Driving a far distance for a workout is a huge commitment.

Every yoga studio is different, but they should offer a good variety of classes. Whether it’s hot yoga, vinyasa, yin or meditation, you will have the options available to find what’s best for you. Try out a beginner’s class first, as your yoga instructor will go easy on you and give modifications if needed.

My yoga studio offers beginner’s flow, slow flow, vinyasa, yin, meditation and prenatal yoga. My favourite is vinyasa. It’s the most challenging, but it’s fine to go at your own pace. I’m trying to get into yin, except because it’s so slow, my mind wanders. That’s something for me to work on!

Your yoga studio may also offer occasional workshops. These are a great way to spend time with fellow yogis and learn from them. The workshops cost extra, so I only go to the ones I gravitate towards.


There are so many benefits to yoga. Do you have back pain? Anxiety? Stress? Lack flexibility? Strength? Yoga can help improve your wellbeing in many ways. Trust the process – progress may be slow, but after a few weeks you will notice you can touch your foot or do a plank on your toes instead of on your knees.

Back pain: If you have back pain, yoga is a great help. There are so many stretches and poses that target specific areas of your spine to relieve pain. However I recommend asking your doctor or physiotherapist before trying out yoga.

Anxiety/stress: Yoga is all about controlling your breathing. Over time you’ll get better at focusing on your breathing to calm down your mind. Once you achieve this relaxed feeling, it’s easy to return to. And if you’re practicing yoga every day, for at least a few minutes your mind will be calm and worry-free.

Flexibility: There are a lot of poses in yoga, many of which help improve your flexibility. My flexibility was originally quite poor and I’m slowly seeing my body change. In down dog, I can almost get my heels to touch the ground, when at the beginning of my practice my heels were high off the ground.

Strength: I was surprised by how much stronger yoga has made me. Planks are easy to hold, and I can fully lift off the ground in a side plank.

Practicing yoga daily also contributed towards my weight-loss journey. It definitely wasn’t the main factor, as changing my diet has really helped. But doing a yoga workout every day – even for only 20 minutes – has allowed me to exercise in the way I want to. I don’t want to go for a run every day – I hate running! So I found a workout I genuinely enjoy. I mix yoga in with walking a few times per week and a weekly 40-minute strength workout with my physiotherapist. This routine works really well for me.

Is yoga expensive?

Short answer: yes. If you purchase a yoga studio membership, that’s anywhere between $20 and $50 per week, depending on where you live. If you’re interested in trying out a yoga studio, see if they have any intro-to-yoga deals. Mine was $59 for 3 weeks, then $35 per week.

You may also want additional equipment, such as a yoga mat and blocks. However, you don’t need equipment or a yoga studio as a beginner. Stick to YouTube videos that don’t require props, and find somewhere in your house to set up. Carpet works just fine!

A yoga addiction can get even more expensive if you let it! Retreats are very costly. A 3-day retreat at Deśa Retreat in Melbourne will set you back $2,995. A greater step up is completing a yoga teacher training course, which is popular in India where the practice originated. I have certainly been entertained by this idea, but it would intimidate me far too much. Besides, I don’t even want to be a yoga teacher. It just sounds like a lot of fun.

What I noticed after 3 months

The benefits that I enjoyed seeing the most were improved strength and mindfulness (less stress and anxiety). I am much better at focusing on my breathing than I was at the beginning of the year. I still have anxiety and stress – and I probably always will – but it’s nice to know that if I do at least 10 minutes of yoga I’ll feel a lot better afterwards.

I go to a physiotherapist weekly to help strengthen my back after surgery 10 years ago and that along with yoga has allowed me to do so many poses I wouldn’t have been able to last year. I can also sit in an office chair for long periods of time without feeling pain. I honestly wish I had known all this would help my back pain many years ago!

Your practice is up to you

Your yoga practice is up to you! Don’t worry if you don’t like the sound of what worked for me. It’s all about what works for you.


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