Why I Stopped Blogging About Books

The past two years on my blog I have posted whatever the heck I want, albeit very infrequently. Recently I have been reading a few of my old blog posts, and I am amazed at how my mindset has changed (plus my writing style, but let’s not worry about that). I had so much more enthusiasm for reading books than I do now.

In my last post, A Post About Books, I shared a few of the books I enjoyed this year. I think my love for reading is coming back, slowly, yet I’m not sure I can come back to blogging making the same posts I used to (pre-2019). These kind of posts – book tags, top five posts – no longer interest me and I’m not sure I can be that kind of blogger anymore!

I want to come back, in a different way, but first here’s why I stopped blogging about books:

Free Books

Going into blogging, I loved the idea of being sent free books to review. However, after being sent a few, I started getting annoyed at publishers sending me books I had no interest in. Books like crime, fantasy or historical fiction … I just don’t like those genres. It was a struggle getting through those books and then reviewing them when I didn’t even want to read them in the first place. I felt bad, because I got those books for free, and felt like I had to post something. After a while, though, I just stopped reviewing books sent to me from publishers – or, at least, the books I knew I wouldn’t enjoy – and I haven’t been sent a book in a long time (might also be because they have my old address).

Not being pressured to review books is a weight off my shoulders. NetGalley was also another pressure. I think you should only request to read and review a book if you actually want to read it, not just because you can.

Social Media

I really like Twitter and I don’t care that I only have just over 300 followers. But Instagram, that made me stressed out. I never really enjoyed taking photos of books on Instagram very much … I deleted my account over a year ago and there’s probably no getting it back. Instagram is more of a personal preference, so if you don’t enjoy using it, then don’t use it! There shouldn’t be so much pressure about having heaps of followers. Besides, the accounts who have heaps of followers have expensive camera equipment, photography skills, and the funds to buy a heap of books (or get sent them because they’re a popular account). I had none of those things.

I have nothing against Instagram, it was fun for a while. I have these pretty photos to prove it:

Repetitive Posts

Some of the posts I used to write got very repetitive. Wrap-up and TBR posts, Top 5 posts, book tags … all became dull after a while. For example, I’d do a book tag and talk about a few books, then I might talk about some of those same books in a different tag. I’ve only read so many books so I can only choose the book that fits the question, and it felt like I was repeating myself sometimes.

Writing Books Reviews

I don’t love writing book reviews. It’s not all terrible, but it’s not something I want to be doing all the time. The book reviews that I enjoyed writing are actually the ones that get the most views. These posts, even though they were written years ago, get viewed almost daily:

I think they’re so popular because I go on massive rants. I clearly have Things To Say. I genuinely liked writing these posts, too, so from now on I will only write book reviews if I actually have something interesting to say.

Why I’m Coming Back

Lately, I have missed blogging, and especially the community that came with it. I still see a lot of the bloggers I used to frequently communicate with on Twitter, but I found I couldn’t really connect with the books they were talking about (because I didn’t care). Now, for some reason, I care!

I want to come back to blogging. I missed it! There are a few types of blog posts that don’t interest me anymore, so what I post will be slightly different.

The other day I went through all the blogs I was following and most of them have been inactive for over a year. I know I’m not alone in leaving blogging because the spark is no longer there. Still, I miss all the blogs I used to talk to between 2016–18. Some of those blogs are active even after five years, which is so admirable! Remember, everyone, blogging is a hobby, and if you stop enjoying your hobby, you can ditch it and come back to it whenever you like.

9 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Blogging About Books

  1. I totally get this! I stopped blogging a few years ago because I got busy and my life changed. I still read and love sharing my book opinions on twitter or goodreads but the repetitive nature of most book blog trends really got to me, and I feel like reviews / unique posts weren’t rewarded with engagement. I still love following some of the people I knew then though!

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  2. I really empathise with this too…writing my weekly blog had drifted into an obligation rather than a pleasure. But having stopped…and reset. I will start again…only this time, under no pressure, but just when there is something good to say. Welcome back!

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  3. Welcome back! I do definitely agree with the need of taking a break every now and again. I’ve ever taken multiple breaks over the years I’ve been here and now I’ve slowly started to incorporate more of my interests into blogging instead of just talking about books and I’ve been enjoying it more.

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