My Current WIP

For the past month I have been writing my current WIP. I started it in February, left it for a few months, and now I’m working on it again! It’s at about 35,000 words.

It’s been so much easier to write than my last WIP, which is finished and I’m trying to get published (though I’ve still only sent it to one agent, so I’m not really trying that hard). It took me two and a half years to write, then six months to edit! Writing that story taught me so much about writing, and what to look out for while you are writing the first draft. For example, you can recognise flaws in the timeline or anticipate plot holes before you’ve already written them. The thing I struggled with the most in my first manuscript, I have now realised, is that I had way too much going on. I have simplified the story this time around.

About My WIP

My current WIP is similar-ish to my previous manuscript. They are both contemporary romance, except my current WIP is more romance than contemporary. I’m finding some similarities in the plot, so I’m trying to avoid that. However, I think the characters are fairly different, which is good.

Facts about my WIP:

  • It is currently 35,000 words ā€“ I’m aiming for 90,000 words
  • It incorporates some flashbacks
  • It is first person, past tense
  • The protagonist is female and so is the love interest šŸ‘­
  • It is set in both Australia and the United States
  • The protagonist has a sister and a horrible mother

That’s all I’ll share ā€“ I don’t want to give too much away! I’m still undecided about a title; I have two names but don’t love either of them. I always go back and forth with titles. To be honest I don’t even like my protagonist’s name, though I can’t bring myself to change it now that I’m used to it.

How Often I Write

I work five days a week, and my hours change but it’s usually an average of seven hours per day. I am able to find time to write, and for me it is always at night. I never used to be able to do this but I can now write 1000 words in two hours. The other day I got home from work at 2pm, wrote for a few hours, then went to another job for two hours, and kept writing with a total of 1700 words that day.

So it’s not hard to make time for writing ā€“ it’s more about using your time efficiently. If I don’t want to write one day, then I don’t write. Period. One night last week I watched four episodes of Young Royals in one night instead of writing. I view writing as a hobby, so if I sometimes don’t want to do it, then I don’t. Though, to be fair, there will always be scenes I don’t enjoy writing as much, but I’ve got to push through.

How I Write

My approach to writing is probably not the best. I usually just write whatever I want, so at the moment I only have about three completed chapters and the rest are half-finished, or are comprised of one or two sentences. I use Scrivener to write and have thirty chapters so far. It’s really easy to organise chapters if you use Scrivener, which could partly be why I sometimes jump from writing one chapter to another.

Once I begin editing I move to Microsoft Word. I am a part-time book editor so I know everything to look for. The negative to this is that I sometimes get too pedantic about it. However I think it’s really important for the author to have an interest in self-editing their own book before an editor looks at it.


So many things inspired my finished manuscript, but for this WIP, I’m not so sure. There wasn’t a movie, book or song that made me want to start writing. I’m into reading contemporary romance at the moment, so those books have partly inspired me, even if only a little bit. I read and enjoyed these books while writing this story:

As for music, I usually listen to whatever playlist gets made for me on Spotify. I have noticed, though, I’m gravitating towards a specific type of song lately. Perhaps they come under the ‘sad male singer’ genre? These are the kind of songs I mean:

  • For the First Time by The Script
  • Lips Of An Angel by Hinder
  • It’s Too Late by Evermore
  • Far Away by Nickelback

Yes … I’ve included a Nickelback song. Have you listened to it?? It’s a good song! Don’t judge me.

Writing a book is so much more enjoyable than editing it. Editing my last manuscript made me insane! I do get the feeling this one will be easier to edit. Is it too ambitious of me to say my goal of finishing the first draft is in two months? I feel like I can do it ā€“ I’ll keep my blog updated.

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