The other day I surpassed 1000 followers! I have been blogging for two years and am so happy to have been able to reach so many people.


I don’t really mind if people in real life see my blog. I told my family once I had gained around 100 followers, and at one point my mum was following my blog, but I blocked her once she started discussing my posts with me!

Here’s how they reacted. As you can see, my mother immediately started talking about something unrelated lol.


Maybe it will take more like 10,000 followers for them to be a bit more excited? Granted, I did tell them in a super unenthusiastic way.

Well I don’t know what else to put on this post! Basically, I just wanted to acknowledge it (because it seems like something you’re supposed to acknowledge) and says thank you to everyone following me. I know I’m not always active in the blogging community, which I feel bad about, but I do really enjoy blogging and I hope that my content continues to interest people.


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