2017 Reading Wrap-Up

2017 was a really good year for me reading-wise! I didn't really have many goals for myself, just to read 50 books. I set a goodreads goal of 50 books at the start of the year, and I'm really happy that I was able to reach it!


April Wrap-Up and May TBR

April is over and I had an average reading month. I was more into reading earlier in the month and by mid-April was sort of sick of it. It took me 10 days to read Big Little Lies, which isn't that long, but it felt like forever! So I struggled a bit this month because I was focusing more on my university assignments and felt guilty about reading. Then I also started my new job, which drained me completely because I'm not used to working 8 hours a day.

March Wrap-Up and April TBR

March is already over and I managed to read some great books. I started university again this month, which brought on many new assignments that I need to work on. I still found time to read, and it helps that I have around an hour on the train each uni day to read.