Feminist Books On My TBR

I recently went through all of my unpublished drafts. Most were unpublishable, and some were just so old that they're now irrelevant. I found this one from 2018 and thought it was still relevant and interesting. I wrote it when I was writing a thesis closely related to feminism and wanted some feminist reads, so … Continue reading Feminist Books On My TBR

Choosing My Halloween Read / Horror TBR

For Halloween this month, I have decided to read a horror book. I honestly know nothing about this genre of books because the only horror books I've read are Misery by Stephen King and a few Goosebumps books. I want some really terrifying books to read, so I compiled a list of five books that I would really like to read. I also have chosen one that I am definitely going to read by the 31st of October. 

My Physical TBR

My physical TBR has always been quite small because I have never really had a giant budget for books. Since Christmas, my collection has definitely grown and has somehow amassed to ten books! These books I have listed below are the books I currently own and are on my TBR. They will definitely be my next reads, I'm just not certain about the exact order.