Writing Diary #1 – Plotting is hard

I have always struggled with plotting my stories. I think most writers out there have loads of unfinished stories, but these stories remain unfinished for different reasons. I often abandon my stories because I struggle with making the plot seem realistic and logical. Lately, with my stories, I have noticed that I try to put … Continue reading Writing Diary #1 – Plotting is hard

July wrap-up

Hello everyone! The post for today is my July wrap-up. In my wrap-up posts I include what I read and watched in the previous month, what I would like to read in the next month and a look inside my bullet journal. Books read in July In July I read four books. It was another … Continue reading July wrap-up

6 Days of Blogmas Announcement!

Christmas is a very enjoyable time of year for me and to celebrate its festiveness I am going to be posting Christmas/bookish posts in the days leading up towards the big day. Instead of posting everyday, I am going to post something every second day, but it will still be the twelve days leading up to Christmas. The first post will be up in two days! I will be using Australian time, so if you are from another time zone you may see it a day earlier. The posts won't all necessarily be Christmas-related or book-related, but it will be a good mix.