The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Lucy is an executive assistant to co-CEOs of a publishing company. She absolutely hates her co-worker, Josh, who sits across from her and causes daily stress to her job. He is an uptight employee, which angers Lucy, as her approach to the job is with friendliness. They play games with each other to see who will come out on top and, as their dislike grows, a promotion becomes available to the best candidate. They start to spend more time together and Lucy comes to realise that she doesn't hate Josh as much as she once did.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Humbert Humbert, a European man in his thirties, moves to live with the Haze family that consists of mother Charlotte and daughter Dolores. Humbert falls in love with Dolores, whom he nicknames Lolita, and marries Charlotte to become sinisterly closer to Lolita. Humbert's obsession with Lolita is shown to be disastrous for everyone involved.

Ragdoll by Daniel Cole

When a body is found with various parts of six people stitched together like a 'ragdoll', detectives William (Wolf) Fawkes and Emily Baxter are assigned to solve the case. Wolf's past working for a separate trial is linked to this case, and his ex-wife Andrea is working as a reportor when she receives a list of names and dates that the killer plans on taking as their next targets. Wolf and Emily must determine a way to save the people on the list from being murdered in the future, and find out who is responsible.