2019 Bullet Journal & January Set Up

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a good Christmas. Now that it is almost 2019, it is time for me to create my next bullet journal. This was really exciting for me because I got really into the process of planning and thinking about design. I even ordered some new stationery to get started.

If you don’t know what bullet journalling is, it is basically just another way of keeping a planner/diary. You can customise it to how you want and add in spreads that may not be seen in a typical planner. I have been bullet journalling for a year and feel like I have gotten used to it now that I have had a year for practice. It definitely takes time to learn how you want your bullet journal to look and it may not be perfect straight away.

Anyway, here are some photos and explanation for each of my pages in my bullet journal:

My first page is just a welcome to 2019. My theme for the yearly spreads at the beginning of the journal is grey and black. I chose something simple because the monthly spreads is where the colour comes in.

Next, I have a future log. A future log is used for putting in important events that are going to happen later on in the year. The way I’ll use this is by colouring in the date with grey and then writing the event underneath the month. I don’t have many major events in the year, which is why I only have a little bit of room for the events.

Thirdly, I have written my seven resolutions for 2019. On the other page is my ‘2019 in pixels.’ This is used for my mood/how I was feeling in every day of the year. If I am feeling ‘very happy,’ then I will colour in pink in the little square. At the end of the year it should look very colourful.

This spread is for my monthly expenses and chores. I will of course have a lot of expenses in the month, but this is just reserved any major expenses. I am hoping this will assist with saving money if I know that a big expense is looming.

My favourite spread is of course my ‘books read in 2019’! My goal for the year is 50 books, so every time I read a book I will write down the title, rating and the date. It’s basically just like Goodreads put onto paper.

Like books, I also want to track what movies I watch. I thought it would be interesting to see how many movies I watch in the year. On the next page is just a quote that reads, ‘This is the beginning of anything you want.’ It was inspired by AmandaRachLee.

This ‘grid spacing’ page is used to see how many dots are needed for each spread I make in the future. Then I have my January page for 2019! I chose a tropical theme because it is summer and well…I wanted to do something with pink πŸ˜‰ These leaves were a little tricky to draw so I practiced in pencil first – otherwise it would have ended up looking like a disaster!

This is my January calendar. On the 31st, I drew a doodle of some fireworks because of New Year’s Eve and on the 1st, I drew a doodle of a birthday cake as I am turning 22.

I decided I wanted to write down five things I wanted to do in January because I am on holidays and the weather is great. The next page is some space for me to write down how many words I write in a day. This is useful to me because I’m currently writing a thesis and really need to get back on track.

These two pages are for my habit tracker and writing one line a day. In the habit tracker, I have eight habits I would like to track, so every day I will colour in the habits that were a success. Every day I will also just write one line that sums up the day.

Finally, I have my first weekly spread of the year! As it’s the New Year, I did a doodle of some fireworks at the top of the page, and also continued on with my tropical theme.

I also attempted at creating my first YouTube video. I just explained each of the spreads a little more.

Making this bullet journal was so fun for me. I find it very relaxing – though I know it may not be for everyone!

28 thoughts on “2019 Bullet Journal & January Set Up

  1. I’m almost done setting up the beginning of the year and January in mine! It doesn’t look nearly this nice though, yours looks great πŸ™‚

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  2. This is brill! I’ve been wanting to start bullet journalling for ages but all of the designs I see are so complex!! This is so neat and effective I’m definitely inspired after this!! Thank you

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  3. I am on my first bullet journal and I have just discovered how relaxing it can be and how organized it keeps me. I am still discovering what spreads i use and what i like. This was really inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Awww God Charlotte, your designs are soooo beautiful and well done! I love the minimalistic style but sometimes it gets too black and white or grey. Some people make it too gaudy and messy and busy and I just can’t focus on it either. Yours is a healthy and balanced mix and I adore it ❀ So so clean and feminine and just lovely. Amazing work, hon!

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