September bullet journal spread ๐ŸŒธ

Hey everyone!

It is almost September and for once I have finished my bullet journal in time for the new month! My theme for September is cherry blossoms, and basically every design was inspired byย MyLifeinaBullet’s youtube video. I really like how it turned out โ€“ it’s definitely one of my favourite spreads that I have done. I enjoy following bullet journal monthly spread videos because they usually turn out better than what I could do!


This spread works really well the current climate where I live because I’ve only just noticed that the cherry blossom trees in my area have sprouted! September is the beginning of spring in Melbourne, hence the quote. I know a lot of people won’t be able to relate.


The next page is the September calendar. I typically don’t use this very much, but it is nice to have. This particular design was a pain to create because I have a lined journal rather than a dotted journal and it is hard to measure out the length of each box. The month starts on the third, as having just two square on the top is kind of awkward.


Per usual I have my monthly wrap-up and TBR. I think it’s nice to have in written form as well as on my blog. I also have a word count tracker, which depends on the month on how much I actually use it. Last month I wrote about 5000 words.


For my habit tracker, I have used a different method of tracking my habits, which was inspired by AmandaRachDoodles. It will be interesting to see which method I prefer! I also have my study log. It’s useful for my studies at the moment because I need to make sure I’m doing enough for my thesis.


This is the first weekly spread for September.

In August my theme was purple flowers, and here is my favourite weekly spread:


I like how it turned out! I think the quote is nice too. I didn’t actually fill it out much, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a bullet journal.


This is how I used to track my habits. I remember when I made this one I got really bored of putting all the black dots in, so I just did it really haphazardly after the first few habits. It doesn’t look as clear and neat as how they usually would.

Do you keep a bullet journal? If not, is there another way you organise your life?


12 thoughts on “September bullet journal spread ๐ŸŒธ

  1. Love this style, i wanna get into bullet journaling so much but i will admit i am freaking scared and confused on where to begin lol I feel like it would take to much of my time as i already have so much to do but i love the idea that you can make your own and choose what you want.

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