July bullet journal // succulents

Hello everyone! July is upon us, which means I can create a new design for my bullet journal. It is only the best time of the month – thinking of a theme and then putting it to paper is actually really relaxing! And if you want, you can do something like watch TV at the same time.

My theme for July is succulents. I wanted to do something green but found there weren’t many options to choose from and I had already done a leaves theme. I’m seeing a lot of summery spreads this month, but it’s winter in Australia and I think plants could be wintery. I just watched AmandaRachLee’s sunflower video and it was absolutely perfect for summer! So I’ll definitely do that in December or January.


Here is my July cover page and calendar! This is the first time I have done the title page on the left and I think it looks nice with the calendar on the right. I’m really jealous of everyone who has a dotted journal because it would make drawing the boxes for the calendar a lot easier. I don’t use the calendar very often or even look at it, so it is mostly for decoration.


Of course on the next page I have included my June wrap-up and July TBR. It is a bit scarce this month because I have been slack with my reading. I have also included a word count tracker, which worked out really well last month because I managed to write 17,000 words! That’s still not even half of the NaNoWriMo goal, but I find my problem with writing is that I think my WIP is so bad that there’s no point for me to continue.


Like usual, I have put in an expense tracker and a habit tracker. I find it helpful to be on track of my expenses, but I don’t know if I actually benefit from it. Maybe it helps me not go on shopping sprees all the time. My habit tracker is my favourite aspect of the monthly spread because it’s fun to sit down every night and colour in everything I’ve done in the day. I track reading, writing, waking up by 8:30, going to the gym, not spending, eating well, not buying take-away, posting to my blog and posting to Instagram. I’m usually the worst at waking up by 8:30 (yes I know that’s bad) and posting to my blog/Instagram.


These two pages are just some space where I can write down things I need to do. Sometimes when I’m using my journal I wish that I could have room for something like this, so this month I finally decided to make some!


Last month I made a similar spread where I wrote down two lines per day in June. I managed to write down two lines for every day except for about three. It’s kind of like having a diary but not as much work.


This is my first weekly spread for July. My favourite way to bullet journal is by using these box shapes, but I usually switch it up every week.

And that is my bullet journal spread for July! I’m currently cat-sitting so the background is a bit different from usual. I tried taking the photos at home first but the lighting was so bad.

Thanks for reading! What is your bullet journal theme for July?


31 thoughts on “July bullet journal // succulents

  1. I love your theme and the simplicity of your spreads. I don’t bullet journal but I love including similar aspects of it into the notes pages of my planner (like collections and expense trackers). I hope your July is wonderful!

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