June wrap-up

Hi everyone!

Today I am posting my June wrap-up. I really don’t know where the time went last month. I had a pretty good time relaxing for most of the month because I am on my mid-year break. I’m fairly certain that I start uni again around 16 July, which seems annoyingly soon. Until then I’m going to continue chilling (while stressing about my life at the same time).


Books I read

I only read three books this month! I feel kind of bad about that. I have heaps of time to read too, so I have no excuses.

1. Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman


Although I thought this book was just okay, it was written well and had a great story that many readers would enjoy. Personally, I found that the protagonist’s struggles hit too close to home, which made me feel a bit tense while I read it. I also thought that the plot was too uninteresting.

2. Blue is the Warmest Color by Julie Maroh


Blue is the Warmest Color is a graphic novel and it is the first one I have owned. It only took me about two hours to read and my eyes were glued to the pages. It was a great experience reading this book!

3. A Room at the Manor by Julie Shackman


This was an unsolicited ARC that I received in the mail and I ended up really enjoying it. It was a romance novel set in Scotland and I loved the setting because it felt really vivid and real.


Currently reading

I am currently reading The Desert Nurse by Pamela Hart. It’s really long and it’s already taken me a week!



July TBR

I didn’t really tick off many of the June TBR books, which is mainly because I got some unexpected ARCS. Anyway, these are the books I would like to read in July:

  • Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton
  • Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli
  • A Thousand Perfect Notes by CG Drews

I included those last two books in my previous months’ TBR. Hopefully this month I’ll actually read them!


Movies watched

I watched a few other movies last month but these are the two that stood out the most!

The Incredibles 2 (2018)

Rating: 10/10

One of my favourite animated movies growing up was The Incredibles. I always wanted there to be a sequel but at the time I thought that was never going to happen! Going to the cinema and seeing a bunch of other adults there was really cool because I felt like we all shared a love for the original movie. The sequel was absolutely amazing – every part of it lived up to my expectations.

Set It Up (2018)

Rating: 8/10

Set It Up is a Netflix movie that was released a few weeks ago and I had low expectations but it was actually really good! It’s a romantic comedy that follows two personal assistants to their arrogant bosses. It reminded me of the novel The Hating Game by Sally Thorne, which is a romance book that I love.

June goals

In June I set some goals for myself, so I am going to see if I actually completed them.

  • Read five books. NOPE
  • Write 10,000 words. YES! I wrote 17,578 words.
  • Post to my blog two times per week. Kind of… Some weeks I did, but overall I posted six times, which is two posts off. 
  • Redesign my blog/research redesigning it. Yes, I redesigned my blog! I’m not sure if it’s done yet, but it will do for now. 
  • Go to the gym four-five days per week. Um not really lol. Well, some weeks maybe.

July goals

In July I am going to focus mainly on reading, writing and blogging.

  • Read. Five. Books.
  • Write 20,000 words.
  • Write the 1000-word story for a class.
  • Write two pieces to submit.

I hope you all had a good June! What was your favourite book/movie of the month?


12 thoughts on “June wrap-up

  1. I picked up Starfish in Waterstones yesterday but didn’t end up picking it up. The cover attracted my attention 😝

    I’ve also wanted to read Blue is the Warmest Color for so long! I definitely need to get to it soon.

    Good luck with your July goals, and well done for achieving 10000 words! 💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I want to read Starfish as well, very soon!!! ❤ I’m sorry that it hit too close to home and that at times it felt boring. So happy you liked Blue, I adored it as well, haven’t gotten to the movie yet sadly.
    Happy reading and good luck on your goals! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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