Hello, 2018! Blog Updates and Goals

I hope that everyone had a great New Year’s! My birthday was on New Year’s Day, which is good because you start your birthday to fireworks, but bad because you have to remind everyone that it’s your birthday.

But anyway, I’m actually really excited for 2018. Everyone always says that the previous year sucked, so is life always going to be people saying what a crap year the previous year was? Will a year ever be good? I’ve started a bullet journal for this year, and I think it looks really cool. What it will really be used for is organisation because I am bad at creating deadlines for myself. If you want to see more photos of it, I did an insta story, which is on my instagram front page.


Blog Updates


I really enjoy having a blog and I would like it to continue into 2018. There are a few things I would like to do, but find that I don’t have the brains or capacity to do so. Seeing as I don’t start uni until late-February, I’m going to try and fix these things before then.

Blog Posts

I used to have a weekly schedule that went something like a review, a Top 5 Wednesday post, and a tag per week. I don’t really find Top 5 Wednesday or tags very fun anymore, so I’m just going to post whatever I want to from now on. There will most likely still be tags/awards, just not very often.


I have found it really difficult to make my blog aesthetically pleasing. When I started my blog in 2016, I tried making the graphics myself, which sucked. Here’s an example of what my blog used to look like:

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 12.13.57 pm.png

I was never into graphic design, so I quickly realised that I hated it and wanted it to end. The only other way to get a pretty blog design is to either find freebies or pay for it yourself. At the start of 2017, I decided to look for some to buy. I spent some money on the current design that I have and while I like it, I would like to change it again this year. I feel like it is quite time consuming for me because I’m indecisive, but expect some changes to the design sometime soon. I would also like to buy a nice website template, but seriously guys, how do you do that??


I haven’t read a NetGalley e-ARC in a few months. I’ve never really enjoyed reading ARCs and I don’t like reading books I don’t like. I very easily DNF an ebook because they are so much easier to neglect than a physical book. Since what happened with NetGalley sort of made it difficult for international bloggers, I doubt I will be using NetGalley much this year. It was fun at first, but now e-ARCs are not enjoyable for me to read (unless I am actually hyped about the book).

I would really like to start getting physical ARCs, but I don’t know how people get them! Seriously. I’ve tried twice and haven’t gotten anything yet. I thought it would be smart to only try with Australian publishers because they are local. I’m on the database for one publisher, so am I supposed to email them about a book or wait for them to send me one?



This year I would like to have some goals for my reading and writing. These two things are really important to me because I wish to have a career in the writing/editing field, so they do go hand-in-hand with achieving my career goals.

Reading Goals

  • Read 60 books (this is 10 more than 2017).
  • Read every unread book on my bookshelf (approx. 15).
  • Read challenging books (A.K.A. these ones).
  • Read books recommended to me by tutors/lecturers at uni.
  • Read every day*.

Writing Goals

  • Write a novel by the end of the year.
  • Submit at least three short stories.
  • Write in my bullet journal every day.
  • Contribute to my writing journal.
  • Stick to self-made writing deadlines.
  • Look for a part-time writing/editing job.
  • Write every day*.

*I will either write or read every day. I think it is okay that I don’t challenge myself to do both, as just one or the other should be enough.

Those are my reading and writing goals for 2018! Hopefully at the end of the year I’ll be able to tick them off.

Are you making any changes to your blog now that it’s a new year?

How many books do you want to read in 2018?

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24 thoughts on “Hello, 2018! Blog Updates and Goals

  1. Sounds like you have a good plan in place! I need to make some changes myself this year.

    Happy reading and hope you love all the books you read this year. Best wishes in 2018!

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  2. Happy Birthday!!! I love your blog, and your first design looked pretty good actually. I am in the mids of changing mine. I changed it last night but not caring for it much.

    I wanna get back to trying to write and hoping to read more got a late start in 2017 for reading and writing lol.

    I want to read at least 35 books. Let’s make this year a bookolicious year!!! um, i have no idea where that came from haha.

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  3. That thing you said about how people always complain about how bad the previous year was is so true, I like to think that every year is a mix of good and bad and it’s impossible to sum up a whole year into good or bad because so much happens.

    I’ve also started a bullet journal this year, I love your January title page! I’m still trying to figure out how to make it look exactly like I want it to but functionally it’s working great. I use edelweiss for digital arcs, but I do tend to enjoy them less than I do books I choose to read so I try not to read them unless they are books I was interested in reading anyway. I received a few physical arcs from the australian bloomsbury branch, so maybe give them a try!

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    1. I know right! Not every year can be just bad. That’s a great way of looking at it!

      That’s great! Thank you, I just copied it from Pinterest because I’m not an artist at all. It’s my first time using a bullet journal and I’m really liking it so far! Thanks so much for this, I’ll definitely try Bloomsbury. And I’ve heard a lot about Edelweiss but Im the same as you, I tend to enjoy e-arcs less. Maybe it will be better than net galley. Thanks Emma 🙂

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  4. I keep my reading goals quite modest–only thirty for this year, though I hope to exceed it. I don’t think I’ll be making any changes to my blog.
    Happy birthday, though! I hope that it was fun, though admittedly it probably is a bummer to have your birthday be on a major holiday. 😛
    I believe that 2018 can be your year to finish a novel! If you ever need some writing encouragement or a writing buddy, I’m happy to be your cheerleader!

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    1. That’s a good plan, I’ve heard of others who did that and I’m thinking perhaps 60 is a bit ambitious for me! Haha thank you 🙂 I think Christmas would be worse!
      I hope I’ll be able to do it! Thanks for that, I need to get started on it. That sounds great, and likewise 🙂

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  5. Oh wow, I love how you’ve planned out every teeny tiny bit of the next months/year! I wish I was this organised but my mind is literally all over the place XD I also started using Netgalley a lot less and while I only have about 4 eARCs to read before I reach 100%, I’m not quite sure if I will actually read them because I just prefer reading physical books!

    Good luck with your reading and writing goals! ❤ I am also hoping to finish my very first novel this year and I hope participating in Camp NaNo and the actual NaNo are going to help me with that! I have a writing journal which I occasionally use but I also want to start a bullet journal where I track EVERYTHING—from reading, writing, blogging to other deadlines in my life! Oh and I don't know if I said this before but happy new year! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Haha this is probably the first time I’ve been even a little bit organised 😅 That’s exactly how I feel! Physical books are much more enjoyable to read, and I don’t like being bogged down by netgalley.

      I’d love to participate in all the NaNo events this year too! Hopefully I’ll actually finish something this year instead of abandoning it! I’ve only been using my bullet journal for about a week but it’s really worked so far!! And designing everything is so fun 😀 Thank you, happy new year to you too ❤️

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  6. I started blogging last year, I’ve decided to have monthly goals. My goal for January is get my following up to 30 followers 😊 baby steps! And try to write daily, stop letting life get in the way of my passion. Hope you achieve your goals too!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great idea! Good luck with getting 30 followers 😊 I try to write daily too. Thanks, I hope you’re able to achieve your goals also!


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