Poll Results!

Hey everyone!

A few days ago I made this post that had seven polls to get a better idea of how people maintain a blog. Thank you to everyone who participated! Each poll had between 18-23 votes. Let’s take a look at the results!

This result doesn’t surprise me! The scheduling system that wordpress has isn’t so reliable. Sometimes I will schedule a post and then go and check to see if it has been published, and it will say something like ‘scheduled for three minutes ago’ instead of being published. That doesn’t help me at all, wordpress!

I lean more towards d) I schedule a post more often than I published one immediately. I’ve found that the best time to publish something is when most of the world is awake and I am asleep, so I schedule them for about 5am-8am my time.


I’m glad most of you love it! I voted for a), but there has certainly been times when I’ve been a bit bored by what I’ve been producing. Maybe the people who voted b) and d) are going through a bit of a blogging slump. I definitely go through periods of time where I’m more into writing posts than usual, and occasionally dislike having to think of new post ideas. Writing new posts each time you publish something certainly helps you stay interested.


An overwhelming amount of people answered a) Connecting with others! It is a part of blogging that I did not realise would be so great. I think I find a) and b) to be the best parts of blogging, as I really do enjoy writing blog posts, which is what I voted for.

Looks like not many people care about c) and d). The novelty of being tagged in things wears off after you get tagged more than a few times, though I was super excited the first time it happened. Gaining followers isn’t something I’ve ever been concerned with.


I was really interested to see the results of this question. I find discussion posts very difficult to write. It’s almost like doing an assignment for school. I’m very jealous of the people who voted for a) No, they come to me easily! If only I could churn out a discussion post once a week.

The majority of voters went with b) Yes, because it is so challenging I often do not write discussion posts. I don’t like conflict, so that’s one of the reasons I find posting them so challenging. Does anyone else have a different reason? What came in second with 29% is c) Yes, but I still try to post them regularly. I really admire those voters’ dedication.


Wow, look at this result! It’s exactly divided. I think a) and b) pretty much go hand-in-hand with each other. I probably should have added d) I have plenty of time. That’s how I find time, because I have a lot of it. But I can imagine busy people might struggle with finding time outside of other commitments.

I’m glad no one writes posts even if they do not feel like it. That’s when it starts to feel like school work rather than a hobby.

Jessica @ Breathe and Read said, ‘I’ve gone a couple of months without blogging before, and then I’d just post something because I felt bad that I’d paid for hosting and was wasting my money.’

Jessica makes a good point! There is more of a pressure to post when you are paying for the website. Sometimes it could also be because you want to remain consistent for your followers.


I’m actually pretty surprised by these results. It seems that half of the voters went with b) I do all the graphics myself, which is interesting because graphic design is quite challenging. I bought my design from a graphic design website because I was having such a hard time with it. But going with free graphic designs is a much nicer option. Graphic design shouldn’t have to matter so much, but in this world it seems that aesthetics is important to people.


It looks like the majority of voters just use the wordpress website! I used to use to the wordpress app on my laptop, but it SUCKS. So now I just use the browser version.

Sophie Li @ Sophie’s Corner said, ‘I use both WordPress.com (for writing posts) and the WordPress phone app (for reading posts and commenting).’

I completely agree with Sophie! I definitely use the website more to write posts, but I like using the phone app to reply to comments and read other posts. Using the app on your phone is good for adding emojis 😜.

Thanks again to everyone who voted! I literally created this post in March (I checked) and thought it wouldn’t get any votes because I had more like 100 followers back then. Then last week I found it in my drafts and thought I should take the risk.

  • Are you surprised by any of the results?


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17 thoughts on “Poll Results!

  1. yay, thanks for posting the results! it’s really interesting to see how people voted! but the most important thing that makes me happy, is, that nobody writes posts if they don’t feel like it! that’s so good! 🤗

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  2. whoaaa! that’s so cool! the results are very informational with regards to the book blogging community. thanks for sharing this information! 😊

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  3. hehe I’m jealous of whoever wrote “no they come easily” for discussion ideas too. And yeah I also use the app more for reading and replying to people, while I use the website for writing posts. So fun to read the results cos I’ve always wondered about a lot of this!!

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