My Favourite BookTubers

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having a great morning/afternoon/evening! I thought today I would tell you all about my favourite BookTubers. These are the ones that I look forward to seeing new videos from. I am only subscribed to six, so when it comes to YouTube I am really picky about my subscriptions. But I am thinking about making a separate account for BookTubers, so let me know your favourite BookTuber and I can check them out!

Sasha Alsberg (abookutopia)

I love Sasha so much! She is the first BookTuber to get me hooked on reading books again and I remember in about May of 2016 I was obsessed with watching her videos. I like watching her vlogs, and her bookcases are #goals. She also has very entertaining Instagram stories, and I’ll totally be reading her novel when it comes out!

Lily (LilyCReads)

Lily has the kind of hilarious personality that I love! Her videos are so entertaining because of how she approaches reviewing books. She will definitely not lie about liking a book. She’s from Melbourne (like me) and we are close in age, so I feel like we should be friends! She’ll be at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival in a few weeks, so fingers crossed I’ll meet her.

Zoe Herdt (readbyzoe)

Zoe seems like a very lovely person. She has similar taste to me in books, and just seems like very similar person to me, so I think that’s why I really like her videos. She now does a 24 hour readathon every three months and I liked doing the last one, so I’ll probably be joining in every time she does one. Her readathon videos are also fun to watch.

Christine Riccio (polandbananasbooks)

Christine has a very fun and outgoing personality, and she clearly puts a lot of thought and effort into her videos. She’s also very funny, and I really enjoy watching her vidcon vlogs because I can tell she loves going to those kind of places. My favourite videos of hers to watch, though, are her writing updates. They give me a good insight into how she writes and it’s just really fun to watch.

Kat o’Keeffe (katytastic)

I’ve only recently subscribed to Kat, but so far I’m enjoying her vlogs. I think they’re really interesting and cool to see how much she gets read. I don’t know how she reads so many pages in an hour, but the readathons are very enjoyable to watch.

  • Do you watch any of these BookTubers too?
  • Do you like someone who I haven’t included?

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21 thoughts on “My Favourite BookTubers

  1. i watch all of these booktubers and i really enjoy their content.
    but my favorites are:
    – ali from hardbackhoarder
    – lala from booksandlala
    – hailey from hailey in bookland
    – emily from bookswithemilyfox

    and of course my girl hΓ©lΓ¨ne from books by leynes – because she’s from germany and she does amazing videos about classics in english and i support her all the way! πŸ™‚

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      1. I just watched a few of the videos, Lala is very charming! I like all of them but Lala and Hailey in particular! I think I’ll get into more of their videos tomorrow, thanks so much for telling me about them πŸ™‚

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