Bookshelf & Room Tour

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to show you some photos of my bookcase and room. I would just do a bookshelf tour but I recently cleaned my room and thought I may as well show you my bedroom too!

Bookshelf Tour

This is my bookcase. There is not really a particular order I have given to it, except that I like it when all of the books are the same height. The top two shelves are sort of by colour and height, and the bottom three are just what works well. My bookcase is right next to my bed so it is difficult to take a photo of it, so that’s why there is a shadow at the bottom.


Top Bookshelf


These are some of my taller books. I used to keep all of my black books on this shelf, but I started buying more that were tall. The Twilight books look very old and the Breaking Dawn one was mauled by my dog when he was a puppy, so I had to tape the cover back together. Out of these, I haven’t read Misery by Stephen King and Love You Two by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli.

2nd Bookshelf


This is definitely my favourite shelf. It is the most aesthetically pleasing because they are all the same height. I try to put them in sections, like thriller on the right side, but it is mainly by colour. Out of these, the one I haven’t read is I See You by Clare MacKintosh.

Middle Bookshelf


This shelf is more based around fantasy books and series. I haven’t yet read About A Boy by Nick Hornby and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

4th Bookshelf


This bookshelf is predominantly books I read when I was younger. It is a very colourful shelf because it is mainly children’s series. I don’t think I read two of the Gossip Girl books and I never read the Eragon by Christopher Paolini books because I couldn’t get into them. For some reason I also never picked up Inkspell by Cornelia Funke.

Bottom Bookshelf

IMG_1804  IMG_1805

I couldn’t take a photo of this shelf because my bed is in the way, so I just took two. Most of these are my least favourite books and books I never finished. There are also a few classics and I of course liked Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. Out of these, I haven’t read 13.

Room Tour

Here are a few photos of my room. I live in a townhouse so it was built a few years ago and it is a really great size! I live on the second storey and my view is just of a few other houses. I am facing the city but I cannot see it at all.









Thanks for reading,



22 thoughts on “Bookshelf & Room Tour

  1. Your bookshelves look so nice! Also, you should read The Book Theif! I love that book so much, because the writing is beautiful and very different from anything else I’ve read.

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