The Hating Game by Sally Thorne


Publication Date: 9 August 2016

Publisher: William Morrow

Genre: Romance

Pages: 384

Rating: screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-9-33-51-pm

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Lucy is an executive assistant to co-CEOs of a publishing company. She absolutely hates her co-worker, Josh, who sits across from her and causes daily stress to her job. He is an uptight employee, which angers Lucy, as her approach to the job is with friendliness. They play games with each other to see who will come out on top and, as their dislike grows, a promotion becomes available to the best candidate. They start to spend more time together and Lucy comes to realise that she doesn’t hate Josh as much as she once did.

‘It’s early Friday afternoon. I’m imprisoned at my desk for another few hours. I wish I was in solitary confinement, but unfortunately I have a cellmate. Each tick of his watch feels like another tally mark, chipped onto the cell wall.

We’re engaged in one of our childish games, which requires no words. Like everything we do, it’s dreadfully immature.’

I really enjoyed this romance, as it was very entertaining. The banter between Lucy and Josh is very comical and reminded me of a sitcom. I was grinning to myself during various parts of the read and it felt as though the hours passed quickly while I read it. It also uses one of my favourite romance tropes, which is hate to love. I do not see this very often in books and it made me remember that I really enjoy it. When it takes what seems like forever for the characters to get together is something that makes me want to continue reading a romance novel.

The character of Lucy has a strong voice that comes across clearly on the page. She is a very determined, driven woman who also has a great sense of humour. However, it seems that Lucy makes a complete 180 during the second half of the novel. Her personality changes quite dramatically because of Josh, while he remains almost the same. This turned me off slightly, as it in a way followed the trope of ‘I cannot live without this person’. While this was slightly off-putting, I completely adored their relationship and could have read them interact for a long time.

The genre of this novel is romance. This seems very apparent in the book because there doesn’t appear to be another subplot with Lucy involved. It is predominantly about the romance. Perhaps the job is supposed to be a subplot, but Lucy has no friends or family that she regularly speaks to in real life, making Josh and the job the focus of the novel. This can be seen as good and bad because some people may only want to see the romance blossom, while others may want some more room for conflict. From the perspective of reading this novel for pure entertainment, I was certainly thoroughly impressed with how it made me very entertained.

This is a pretty short review because I never have much to say about books I really enjoy! I loved it and it was very entertaining. I recommend it to people who like romance books that start with the main characters hating each other.

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9 thoughts on “The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

  1. I did read it and it was hard to put down, even at 3am! I never thought of Lucy doing a 180… I think the sickness and all that entailed brought a vulnerability to her character. However I enjoyed it as well b/c she was a strong female character and this was true til the end for me – she was true to herself – at least in my POV. Definitely worth a read – beach weather is coming! Thanks for offering a different way to view her though.. I appreciated it.

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    1. I think you’re right as well, it just could have been the way I was thinking at the time. She was still a great character! That’s a good point too that she became vulnerable, I guess I just saw it as clingy. Definitely a good beach read, still winter for me though haha. Thank you! 🙂

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