Publishing Short Stories Online

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There are many avenues for writers to publish their short stories online, but it seems they are often difficult to source. Some online publishers require a fee, while some are free, so it can be challenging to find the best place suited for your needs. There are several different ways to get your stories read, so it is up to you to choose where you want to submit your story.

Literary Journals

Literary journals are a great way to get something published, but can be difficult for work to get accepted. Sometimes they are highly prestigious and only accept work that are up to their standards. Other times, they are relatively unknown and have less competition, and have a niche suited to your short story’s genre.

Australian examples


  • Well-known and reputable
  • Usually free to submit
  • Good compensation


  • Must have good knowledge of journal
  • Sometimes competitive


Competitions are a less intimidating way of gaining writing experience. They give anyone the opportunity to write, whether you want to be a writer or not. They are more for fun than work, and very exciting if you win.

Australian example

Lip magazine is currently holding a competition called the Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction where writers can submit a piece up to 2000 words using the theme ‘rebirth’. More information here.


  • Plenty of rewards if you win
  • Rewards if you come in runner-up
  • Your short story is also published


  • Sometimes a fee is required
  • Small chance of winning

Free Websites

Free websites can be accessed by anyone and work can be uploaded without the authority of the person maintaining it. This option, however, does not pay, and has less opportunities available to the writer.



  • Easy to get work submitted
  • Anyone can read your work


  • Little to no compensation
  • Considered less prestigious

Interesting Finds

One Story

Like the name suggests, this online website only showcases one story every few weeks. Submissions are accepted between September 1st to May 31st, and over 100 submissions are sent in every week. Along with One Story, there is also One Teen Story, exclusively made for teens to submit their short stories.

Carve Magazine

This online magazine is a good option for writers who want a magazine that publishes in any genre. There are also archives of every story published in their magazine available to read, but the full magazines are available for $12. Although it costs $3 to submit, the pay if accepted is $100, and it seems like a unique magazine.

The Fiction Desk

There is a prize called New Comer Prize 2017, which is for writers who have never been published before. This is a great opportunity for those who want to get into the short story publishing industry but are intimated because they have no experience. The entry fee is £8 and the prize money is £500, and is open internationally.

I would love to hear your thoughts on where are the best places to get short stories published!

  • Have you had any experience being published online?
  • Can you think of any other ways that are not listed here?



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