Books I did Not Finish But Should Have

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Hey everyone!

I have finished most of the books that I have started, but there are a select few that I never bothered to pick up again. Among the ones that I never want to see again, there are some books that I think deserve to be finished. Here is a list of six books that I did not finish reading, but should have.

Stolen by Lucy Christopher 

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Stolen is about a young girl who is taken from her family in a Bangkok airport and brought to the vast Australian outback. Her captor is completely in love with her, and will do anything to make her love him back. I tried reading this book twice, but couldn’t understand what I was reading. A contributing factor to this could be because I was only twelve-years-old at the time, and thought I had picked up a romance novel. I simply did not understand the strange themes the book tried to portray, and henceforth did not finish reading the novel. Now, though, I think it has a really interesting premise, and would like to revisit it someday, and it will be waiting for me on my bookshelf.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

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In The Lovely Bones, Susie is brutally raped murdered, but while we know what happened, her family does not. She watches as her family grieve over their loss and try to find out who killed her. As it is a very gripping and meaningful story, I am slightly disappointed it got lost on me and could not bring myself to keep reading. But I think I know why – I watched the movie first and felt I did not need to keep going. The movie also kept me awake at night for a while, and reading the book brought back those memories. I was only fourteen-years-old at the time and the harsh themes of the novel were likely too difficult for me to read.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

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Little Women follows the lives of four sisters living in Post-Civil War America. I do not remember much about this book, but it is a popular classic, so I feel as though I should have kept reading. I also may not have continued because I had borrowed it from the library and was never good at actually finishing library books.

The Circle by Dave Eggers

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Around two years ago is when I tried reading this. It is a science-fiction novel about Mae, who starts working at a renowned company called The Circle. Many things are available to her at The Circle, and the job eventually begins to consume her life. When I got this book I didn’t realise it was a science-fiction, which is a genre I’m not good at reading, so that could be what influenced me to put it down forever. It is a film that will be released in late-April that stars Emma Watson and Tom Hanks, so I am ashamed I could not finish a book that was able to be turned into an adaptation with such a great cast. I doubt I will pick it up again, but at least I tried!

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

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In Anna and the French Kiss, Anna is made to suddenly move to France and enrol in an International French High School. She meets the funny and gorgeous Etienne, who unfortunately has a girlfriend. When I tried reading this book, I had no idea it was loved by so many people! I just thought it was another one of those generic cheesy young adult romances that would be okay to never think about again. I mostly enjoyed this book, as it is an easy read, but from memory some things that were said or done left me undeniably frustrated. I read it for a few weeks solely on the train, and realised that I did not care for it at all. Now, I wished that I had stuck to it and read it more at home so I could have read it quicker. I am annoyed that I didn’t even read far enough for Anna to receive that french kiss.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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This book has been on my bookshelf for years, but I have never been able to finish it! It is a classic novel, where prejudiced Jane and proud Mr. Darcy meet during the eighteenth century. The first time I tried was when I was thirteen and my auntie recommended it to me. At the time, the language was too difficult to understand and, although I wanted to, I could not get through it. I would love to give this another try one day.

There are several reasons that influences someone to discontinue reading a book, which I personally find to be their age and reading habits. I certainly look back at books I didn’t finish when I was young and correlate it to the simple fact that I was not mature enough to read its contents. Situational factors, like only reading the book once a week, also comes into play, as you may not be in the right frame of mind to read concentrate on reading.

In conclusion…Just because you couldn’t finish a book a few years ago, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to read it again now that you’re older and wiser. 🙂

  • What do you think of these books?
  • Should I re-visit any of them?



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