My Top 3 Books of 2016


Hey everyone!

This year in June I started to get back into reading and I love that I did so. While I have been reading occasionally over the past few years, it was usually inconsistently and for something to do on the train. I really enjoyed reading between the ages of 10-14, so I am glad that I revisited the once-loved hobby.

The total of books that I read in 2016 was 36. The genres were somewhat diverse, and if you want to see every one that I read, then you can go to my Goodreads page (and feel free to add me as a friend!).

I only included a list of 3 books because they were the most memorable and my total of 36 books did not allow me to have a massive number of favourites. In no particular order, my favourite books of 2016 were:

It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

IMG_4363I read It Ends with Us in August. It was difficult to read because of the unexpected twist in the middle of the story, but the realness of it made me greatly adore this novel. The plot progressed over a long period of time and the way it was written transitioned smoothly and allowed more surprises and events to take place. The ending, I found, was quite satisfying, and you eventually understand how the title relates to main character’s life.

Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris

behind closed doors

Behind Closed Doors was one of the first books that I read when I got back into reading in June. It had a lasting impression on me because I was practically glued to the words of the story for two days. The relationship between Grace and Jack was terrifying and I thought about for weeks after I read it. It is the best thriller/mystery that I have read, as it kept me invested in the mystery with every new chapter. Behind Closed Doors will not make you bored.

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson


I’ll Give You the Sun was the last book that I read in 2016, but was one of the best young adult novels that I have ever read. The story was so well-done and the surprises, twists and shocking events that took place left me emotional and wanting more. My favourite character was Noah, as I thought his love story was the best out of the twins, and the writing in his chapters was very visual. It was quite creative for a young adult novel, and the drawings on some of the pages was a nice touch.

These 3 books had the most captivating stories out of all of the books that I read in 2016. In 2017, I hope to read at least 50 books, which is 14 more than what I read last year.

  • I hope that you all had a wonderful year.
  • What were your favourite books of 2016?



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